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Spring Classes 2006 November 15, 2005

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Ok, I signed up for the following classes for next Spring semester:

  • Aging and Society
  • Nutrition and Physical Fitness
  • Scientific Research, Writings, and Presentations
  • Food Culture (tentative)
  • Magic, Science, and Religion (tentative)

The two tentative classes, I would have to go to class first and see how much work is required and how the prof are.  Then I decide which class to take.

Yes, all of these are related indirectly to nursing, believe it or not.


What a pain… November 15, 2005

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Ok, I am signing up for classes in Spring next year.  Got into all my classes except the one.  Had to go down to the university and worked with the records people.  They finally fixed it and now I have all the classes.

Now I can’t pay online at all.  Won’t accept my student ID.  Called and left the a message.

Jury Duty November 12, 2005

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Well, I’ve been wondering when I get called into jury duty again since I have been called for a few years.  One of the worries I have is that I get called in and I am in a accelerated nursing program where there is absoluting no breaks whatsoever.  I will miss class and ended up doing real bad or even flunk out.

Just a a notice to report for jury duty next year in the beginning of January.  God knows my worries and has timed this evidently since that is the time we have a break between Fall and Spring semestor.  Amazing!

Nursing Lottery November 8, 2005

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Well, I did not get pick in the nursing lottery at my community college this morning.  There were probably around 200 people in the lottery.  They only drew out 17 people.  Then they drew 10 more as alternates (in case people drop).  Some people have 4 or 5 tickets (that means they been at the lottery like 4 or 5 times already; almost 2 years).  One woman waited close to two years and this time, she was picked 3 times (she got lots of tickets in the lotttery)!   Another lady who has absolutely the worst luck (she got the record of waiting the longest) finally got picked and there was a loud cheer from everyone in the room.

Went down to my local state university afterward for nursing consultation with an advisor.  Found out there are only 20 openings left in the program I am interested in.  The student ahead of me went in and I overheard the advisor first question to her was “Do you have a 4.0 or close to it?”  .  From talking to the advisor, my implicit understanding is that if I get straight As in this quarter, I would have a good  fighting chance for the 20 openings (this does not take into account the interview with different hospitals so one of them can sponsor me).  I am not sure about the all As this quarter as I am struggling with O-chem.  I am having some problems with all the 3-dimensional stuff.  The models sets helps.  Right now, just hanging on and try to get at least a B.

Then I went to general advising and to my relief, I do not have to meet the American Institution requirements because I already met it way back when.  This will make my class schedule more reasonable. 

English Test passed November 4, 2005

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Just found out I passed the 2nd test (English). This was the test I was a little bit concerned about. Anyway, that means I can take upper division courses next year at the university .

It might be 4 to 5 classes for Spring semester (12 to 15 units). 4 classes if I don’t have to take a US history class (different history requirement between SJSU, Foothill, and Berkeley). Tentative classes are “Food and Culture”, “Science and Hunger”, Aging and society”, “Scientific writing and presentatioin workshop”, and “Topics in US History”. All of these are related to nursing except history. We will see.

Next Tuesday is my local community college Nursing program lottery starting at 7:30am. If I get picked, I will go with the ADN program. If not, I’ll go with the BSN program at the university.