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Brief update after close to 2 years of psych nursing January 1, 2010

Posted by danucube in Nursing.
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I am enjoying psychiatric mental health nursing. Great place to work with a great team of nurses, doctors, social workers, and occupational therapists to work with.

Never boring, always interesting and exciting… sometimes too interesting and exciting.

Here are a few interesting things that happened so far: Kicked down a door, redirected a spider out of the unit, took care of a confused baby bird who accidentally got into the unit, had patients trying to run out of the locked unit, had patients calming trying to walked out of the unit, even had one patient trying to break into the unit from a different medical floor, popcorn burning which set off the fire alarm, patient took the fire alarm instruction seriously and set it off because it says “pull”, multiple patients called 911, know security guards on a first name basis, saved a doctor from pigging out on all the candies at te nursing station, handled seizures, a number of code brown, one of my pt choked while I was at lunch and Heimlich was done by another nurse, cardiac events, verbalĀ diarrhea from pts, … etc.

Still learning a lot as I am trying to learn more about CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, and schema therapy just to name a few.