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Sort of got volunteered April 15, 2006

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One of the student in my cohort emailed everyone trying to set up contact information for our group.  I mentioned that I notice other nursing classes in the school have set up Yahoo Groups to communicate with each other.  Before I knew what happened, I sort of got volunteered to set up the group since I am familier with it.

So I set it up and managed to rope the student who emailed everyone in the first place to be co-Admin with me for the group.  I can get volunteered, but I know a thing or two about volunteering others too…

Anyway, we have 35 people (5 alternate and alternate will take the summer class with us) and so far we have 15 people signing up for the group.  We also have emails flying back and forth.  This is nice as we are getting to know each other already before the program starts.  We seemed to have a good range of different people. We have people in their early 20s to people in their late 30s and 40s.  We have many people who speak 2 or more languages.  

I hope we will continue to "jell" together as we are becomming, as one student puts it, one big hardworking family. 


Nursing packet, heavy books, interviews April 14, 2006

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Got my nursing packet yesterday.  25+ books.  It even have a suggestion that I bring someone with me to carries all the books from the bookstore because they are heavy! The books are going to cost around $500 or so.
All kinds of other stuff I have to do from the packet.  Let's see… today I just got my physical.  Got a few shots.  Got blood drawn.  Have to get a security background check on myself.  Have to get a drug test.   

Also got a notification from my first choice hospital for an interview next week.  So I called back to set up an interview. 

Since I have a NP as my primary care, I asked him for some tips in nursing school and got some tips, especially in pharm. 

Met one of my potential instructor April 11, 2006

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I went to a a local NAMI meeting tonight.  Met a person whom I know and we talked a little bit.  She is a retired RN.  Found out she is going to teach one of the nursing class in the accelerated program that I am in!  I might get her in the future during psych rotation.  Psycho rotation is one rotation I am really looking forward to.

Sacred Ministry April 10, 2006

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I have been reading O'Brien's book because I am trying to a paper that deals with Christian nursing spirituality and Logotherapy somehow.

Mary O'Brien latest book (2006) is "The Nurse with an Alabaster Jar: A Biblical Approach to Nursing." Her other classics are "Spirituality in Nursing: Standing on Holy Ground" and "The Nurse's Calling: A Christian Spirituality of Caring for the Sick."

She really is giving me a good feel of what a vocation is. Basically nursing is a sacred calling, a noble and sacred calling from God. If I was asked why I decided to make this huge transition from computers to nursing… I would have to say I am called into it.

I am blessed to be called into this sacred ministry, a ministry where I can be God's channel of encouragment, comfort, and hope.

Accepted into the Accelerated Program! April 10, 2006

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Around 10 till 5 o'clock to day, I got an email telling me that I am accepted into the Accelerated Nursing program.  I was in the quiet area of the library.  So I can't scream or anything even if I wanted to.
I thought I would be overjoy… but I was not.  The feeling was more of a relief and a very calm sort of peace.

God has truely lead me into this program.  Here are some of the things that happened that lead me into this program:

  1. I took a introduction to nursing class with one of my friend just out of curiosity and got real interested in nursing as a result.
  2. The same friend gotten real ill and I had a hard time concentrating in microbiology. As a matter of fact, I blew the midterm.  But God pulled me through with an A.
  3. I met a former coworker of mine many years ago in microbiology.  She was also going into nursing and she was the one who suggested I should look at the accelerated program.
  4. I looked at the accelerated program and got interested in it.  Had to do some last minute changes to my schedule as I now need to take a few extra classes like inorganic and organic chemistry (yuk).
  5. I was also doing bad with Nutrition as I still have some problem concentrating because my friend is still ill.  I actually got a C in the final and I got a very low A for the course!  Turned out it was the tons of extra credit that I did which barely pulled me through.
  6. To my surprise, got an A in both inorganic and organic chemistry.  Don't ask me anything in it… please.  Had really great teachers.
  7. With the exception of one class (statistics which I have a B), all my nursing prereq are As.  I never had straight As like this in my life as I have one great teacher after another in every single course I took.  Good teachers make such a great difference. Now I know why God gave me a 3.9+ prenursing GPA… because I need it to get into the accelerated program (at least 10 out of 30 people in this program have a 4.0 GPA). It was as if God was moving mountains of obstacles to get me into this program despite the fact I was having problems concentrating in micro and nutrition; and despite the fact that I really don't like chemistry at all.

Flood of applications April 7, 2006

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Well, just got an notification that the nursing school had tons of last minute applications. So that means we won’t know until next week.

I am still fairly relax which is good.

One step closer April 7, 2006

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Just got an email to ask me to confirm whether I am a US citizen. I notice the email list has gotten shorter down to 20 people. That probably mean for sure I am either an alternate or got accepted to the accelerated program (in the info meetin, the number got changed to 15 spots and 5 alternate spots).

If I got in as an alternate, it is going to be very expensive for me because an alternate does not have hospital sponsorship yet and it is going to cost something like $4000 for the summer (not including books and supplies).

Better start looking at the summer schedule… 4 days in a row I have to go down to the university. Monday to Wednesday class starts at either 8:30 or 9 and ends at either 3 or 3:30. It depends which skill section I am in, class could end around 5 on Wednesday. Thurs just have an afternoon class.

Looks like course subjects wise are Pathophysiology, Nursing Research Methodology, Pharmacology, Nursing Lab Skills, Nursing Process. All 2 semester units (10 summer semester units together). Looks like no change to the schedule of classes then what was originally stated in the program (http://www.geocities.com/danu3@sbcglobal.net/wiki/Nursing.html
Select "SJSU NSG Schd" and then select "Summer Schedule")

At least no clinical in this summer. Clinicals starts in Fall… hmmm… I wonder if my friends and relatives would be willing to let me practice on them…

Leave Taking Class April 6, 2006

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Went to a short class on Leave Taking Ritual with the Centre of Living with the Dying. Very good class as it deals with how to construct meaningful ceramony to say good bye. This not only appy to a death situation, but any potential grief or major change situation (like retirement to change of jobs to all kinds of things).

I think the stuff I learned in this class would come in handy in certain nursing situation. The instructor is actually a former nurse also.

I keep bumping into nurses all over the place. They are everywhere like bateria as I mentioned a while back. The only difference is that we don't have a shortage of bacteria.

Still waiting April 5, 2006

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Found out another of my classmate in the Nutrition and Fitness class is also in the accelerated program. she is in already.

I still have not hear anything. It just dawnded on me also that the one huge advantage the regular program has over the accelerated program is that we have summer and winter off. The accelerated program has no breathing space where you recoup.

Psychologically, guess I am ok with either one. God knows my capacity.

Alternative? April 4, 2006

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Well it is around 6 o'clock or so and I still have not heard anything from the nursing school.  I wonder if I got onto the accelerated alternative list…  boy, it is going to be expensive if I got on the alternative list because I won't have a hospital to sponsor me and I have to pay out of the pocket like $4000.  But it does mean I graduate a semester early in the regular program which actually translate to something like close to 1/2 year.