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All As up to Spring 05 Confirmed July 1, 2005

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing, Providence.
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Well, it is confirmed. Got all As this quarter. As in 3rd quarter physio/anatomy, public speaking, nutrition, and advance internet search. This quarter is the most amount of units I’ve taken so far. Last quarter was the hardest (micro).

So Since last summer (2004) to now, gotten all As. I never had straight As in any quarter in my life, let alone straight As the whole year.

Is God leading me into the brand new SJSU accelerated nursing program? That program will require straight As or close to it to get in. Guess we’ll see how I do this summer which is hard as I am taking two accelerated courses (chem and anthro). And the we’ll see how I do in Fall this year. Then assuming I can get into SJSU as it is so crowded.

I am grateful for the grades as it was hard for me to focus due to some personal events in my life.