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2005 year end reflection December 31, 2005

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing, reflections.
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2005 has been an emotionally tough year for me due to some personal events.  I was having great difficulty in terms of focusing.  But somehow God was merciful and pulled me through.  Especially micro and nutrition, somehow got an A which I need for nursing school application. A few surprises also like getting an A in inorganic and organic chem.

In terms of course content, I enjoyed all of them (except chem classes).  Without exceptions, God has given me great teachers.  Teachers who can teach and actually care for their students.  I am very blessed.

Now next year, it looks like I will be applying for the accelerated program in my local university.  God has given me the grades for it.  Now the question is, do they have space?

We will see what kind of year God will give me next year…


Cough cough cough December 31, 2005

Posted by danucube in health.
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My goodness, I have this cough for like 2 and a half weeks.  Guess everyone said it lasts about 3 weeks, they were not kidding!  In my case, it is just cough, no fever, no running noise, no sore throat.  Today I only cough about 4 or 5 times which is a great improvement compare to a few weeks ago where I was coughing every 15 seconds (which is impossible to sleep).

Fall 05 grades are in December 31, 2005

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Well, got an A in org chem!  I was hanging on throughout the whole quater.  Good the instructor is good and also gives a generous curve.  Psych, got an A.  Psych turned out to be important in the nursing program I am applying because it is one of the classes that will count “double” in their admission formula.  Statistics, got a B.  I was never good at math, so B is pretty good for me.  I actually like the statistics class.