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Organic Chem, first day, youngest student September 27, 2005

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First day at O-Chem. Teacher seemed good which is a good sign. She seemed to be able to explain things very good.

We have a very young student in our class. She is about 6 or 7 years old. Very well behave until about a 1/2 an hour before class ended – she gave out a very long drawn out sigh while the instructor was trying to explain some complex stuff to us. The instructor went “I couldn’t said it better” in response to the sigh.


Critical Incident Training September 22, 2005

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The 16 hour Critical Incident Training this Tuesday and Wednesday (yesterday) is over. Very informative. Very intensive. Surprising however, it was not exhausting. Actually it was quite renewing.

Very glad I took it as I can see lots of potential application in nursing.

Passed the Emergency Response Tests,TEAS, birthing humor September 22, 2005

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Well well well… I passed the Red Cross Emergency Response tests. There were six of us and it took about 4 hours to go through all the skill tests. The skill tests were the tests I worried about. The testers were very good as they gave us good feedbacks also so that we can improve. Guess I got way into too much of the medical history. I even knew the sprian ankle of my “victium” two years ago. The testers told me gently I didn’t really need to know that kind of information.

This class is a bit wild as it has 5 certificates. If you fail one, you fail all. Now I know what the 5 certificates are. They are Emergency Response (3 years), CPR for Professional Rescuer (1 year), Adult AED (1 year), Oxygen Administration for the Professional Rescuer (1 year), Blood borne Pathogens Training (1 year).

Also found out I pass the TEAS test. Got a 86.5% (98 percenttile at the national level and 94 percentile at the BSN level). I was going to be happy to just get a 75%. So this is really iceing on the cake.

Oh yea, we also did birth delivery earlier this week (it is not on the skill tests tonight, good thing). During the birthing process simulation at one point, I was holding the fake baby with the fake umbilical cord and I was focusing on trying to tie the cord and this simulated “mother” asked me is it a boy or a girl… I was so focus on trying to tie the cord that I just went “Don’t know, what do you want it to be?” The instructor, the person who played the “mother”, and the rest of the class just lost it and start to roll on the floor. I can just see I will do great when I rotate into maternty nursing…

Took TEAS and other things September 18, 2005

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Well, I took the TEAS this Saturday (require for nursing entry). About 250 to 300 potential students took the test. It was a 3 hour or so test. Testing is on Reading, English, Math, and Science. I don’t know how I did on the English part. The other part I think I did ok. We’ll see if I pass. If not, I have another nursing school to apply to which is the only choice I have left (I reapplied already as I got rejected once already; some people been reapplying for 3 to 5 times before they get in).

While I was waiting in line, I’ve heard someone was saying that the average GPA for student to get into the nursing program was around 3.8 (which is way above the minimum in the catalog which say 2.5).

Got another better look at the university campus. It actually has some very nice environments in the campus. Sort of surprising for me as it is right in the middle of a big downtown.

With all kinds of things going on, I actually missed the deadline for another test. Without this test, I can’t take any upper division courses. Fortunately there is another test in Nov and I will sign up for that one tomorrow. Actually it gives me a little bit more time to study for it as it is another English test which is not my strong subject.

This week comming up, I have a final with the Emergency Response class and a skill final with the same class. Then I have one 2 8-hr day class on Critical Stress Debriefing, plus a 4 hour class on medicare (mental health related). Tuesday is going to be my worst day as I go from 8am to 10pm in classes.

Next week, school start! I got all my books. Taking Organic Chem, Psychology, and Statistics. Plus a few other minor 1 or 2 day classes with the Centre of Living with the Dying (for nurses, police officers…).