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PICU Reflection September 3, 2007

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Nursing School, reflections.

Here is a short reflection paper I did for my one-day PICU observation. Hopefully this will give more of a sense what my summer was like.


What I like about the PICU is the low nurse-patient ratio. It gives one time to really focus on a patient and his/her family. It also gives one time to connect with the patients and their families, which is always important to me. I do not like environments like the ED or OR where I have very little opportunities to know my patients and their families. However, this environment comes with a price, a heavy price where the patients have multiple drips coming out and many tasks and assessments being done to the patient throughout the shift. It is an environment where one is acutely aware that the patient’s well being is literally in your hands and one has an extremely heavy responsibility as a result. It is an environment where things can get bad really fast due to the severity of the medical conditions and the fact that it is a pediatric population where things can get bad or good at lighting speed.

It is an environment where one sees the best and the worst in a family. From my extremely limited brush with the PICU, I had the privilege of working with my patient’s mother who literally knows everything about how to take care of her son. I admire her steadfast, loyal, and faithful commitment to her son. Across the other side of the room where my patient is, I have a family with a developmental delayed child who had multiple seizures. Despite the medical condition, the child has a smile that lights up the whole room. It is a smile that renews all of us who see more suffering than most people see in a lifetime. It is a smile that lightens the silent sorrows in our hearts. And her parents, it is quite obvious, that they do not see her developmental delay because they only see her smiles.

Although PICU is not my cup of tea, I am glad to have the opportunity to experience it for a brief time with great nurses, amazing patients, and their loyal and loving parents who demonstrate the best of humanity in an unbelievable stressful environment.



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