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Maternity-Newborn Rotation Orientation May 31, 2007

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Nursing School.

Today was my first maternity-newborn rotation. I have absolutely no life experience in this area of life and I was a bit anxious about it given everything I know so far are academic. Today the instructor slowly dip us into the environment by having us follow a RN for about an hour an a half among other orientation activities.

The nurse I was to followed is not here today and so the charge nurse put me into the nursery. Turned out the nursery has only 2 babies and it was not very busy when I was there. As a result the nurse there get to spend lots of time explaining things to me which was very nice. I even get to help her to calm a baby down by putting it on the side, stick my gloved pinky into its mouth so it suck on it and and gently pat on its back. Amazing that the baby actually calmed down (which I later learned that the nurse was using a few of the 5s techniques).

Talking about the 5s, that was probably the most educational part of the day as we learned the 5s to calm a crying baby and maybe for patient teaching:




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