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Summer Sesion 2006 December 22, 2006

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Nursing School.

Ok, this accelerated program is a bit on the wild side. Anyway, we took 5 classes in the summer session. Took patho, pharm, process, theory (research), and 1st skill class.

I was amazed that I actually survived it as I never in my life have taken 5 classes at the same time during a summer session. Actually everyone survived it.

We seemed to have a good tight-knit group and we help each other a lot. Plus we have lots of laughter which was good (espeically in our first skill class).

One thing I notice was that we are concerned about each other’s grade. For example, after a real hard midterm, I walked into the hallway where the grades were posted… I heard some of my classmates calling other classmates on the cell very excited saying, “EVERYONE passed!!!!” This is very different different from when I was in computer science and we really only care about our own grades.

Our cohort is quite diverse with only 30+ people. We have people in the early 20s to people in their late 40s. We have people with MBAs, Social Work, Computer Science, Linguistics, and other degrees. We have very short people to very tall people. We have 5 guys which is more than 10% of the cohort. We have fathers, mothers, people who love kids and people who are scare of kids. We have more than half the cohort who can speak another language and some can speak more the 2 languages. We have artists to nerds. We basically have people with a variety of life experiences.

As mentioned already, there were a number of humorous incidents. Here are a few selected ones:

  • The first midterm – The prof told us that we need to sit apart with every column empty when the midterm comes. When the midterm came, we all sat neatly apart with every column of seats empty before class. The prof stuck her head in and saw this and went, “This is NOT normal!”
  • I finally restrained one of my classmate in skills. The prof announced that she was going to the next room to do the rest of the checkoffs because we were too noisy (we are a chatty bunch)… and my classmate whom I restrained just sort of got up and went to the next room to get the rest of her stuff checked off… I thought I restrained her????
  • Overheard one classmate asking anothe classmate to open her mouth wide so she can examine her, “Open wider… more!… More!!… MORE!!!…” then I heard the other classmate, “I think I am going to throw up!”
  • Right in the middle of class, one classmate stood up and went to her classmate who was sitting right in front of her and started to massage this classmate. 5 minues or so later, the professor went, “You are putting your classmate to sleep!!” The response from the classmate who was doing the massaging was, “I am sorry… this is the only way I could stay awake…”
  • In research class, the professor asked a question to one of my classmate, “What is control?” The response was “It is an illusion.”
  • Two classmates took a nap in a giant bookself in the hallway right before a huge midterm.

Well, these are just a few of the funny incidents. But one gets the idea.



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