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Finals almost over and I got sponsored! May 20, 2006

Posted by danucube in Classes, Nursing, Nursing School.

I have not been writing because I am extremely busy, so say the least.

Anyway, I gone through one interview with my hospital sponsor (my first choice) and I got picked! So I decided not to interviews with other hospital sponsors. As far as I know, there will be 5 of us who get sponsored by this hospital.  My other classmates will get sponsored by other hospitals.The cohort I am in, everyone got sponsored (horrah!).

Finished 4 finals this week. Next week, I got one more finals. I almost did not make it if the profs did not change their minds on the final papers and give another more interesting assignment instead.

After next week, nursing school start! I am excited and a bit concern because of the amount of material I have to learn in such a short time (10 weeks in summer session). Taking 5 courses in summer.  I never taken that many courses in summer in my life!

But all the cources are very interesting to me as I looked at the textbooks and the content of the course already. I am taking:

  • Nursing Research – Good course as I am interested in knowing more how to evaluate research and stuff like that. Especially given we have all these alternative stuff that nurses will have to deal with and we need to be able to know how to evaulate them. Not just alternative stuff, but conventional medicine too, we need to know how to evaulate new therapies and so on.
  • Pathophyiology – This is going to be a tough course.
  • Pharmacology – This is going to be even a tougher course.
  • Nursing Process – I like process stuff (guess that is from the old computer engineering days).
  • Nursing Skills – Guess I be poking oranges… Will learn basic assessments and all kinds of stuff.  Ok… I will learn how to make a perfect bed even if it kills me. 


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