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Sort of got volunteered April 15, 2006

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Nursing School.

One of the student in my cohort emailed everyone trying to set up contact information for our group.  I mentioned that I notice other nursing classes in the school have set up Yahoo Groups to communicate with each other.  Before I knew what happened, I sort of got volunteered to set up the group since I am familier with it.

So I set it up and managed to rope the student who emailed everyone in the first place to be co-Admin with me for the group.  I can get volunteered, but I know a thing or two about volunteering others too…

Anyway, we have 35 people (5 alternate and alternate will take the summer class with us) and so far we have 15 people signing up for the group.  We also have emails flying back and forth.  This is nice as we are getting to know each other already before the program starts.  We seemed to have a good range of different people. We have people in their early 20s to people in their late 30s and 40s.  We have many people who speak 2 or more languages.  

I hope we will continue to "jell" together as we are becomming, as one student puts it, one big hardworking family. 



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