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Accepted into the Accelerated Program! April 10, 2006

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Nursing School, Providence.

Around 10 till 5 o'clock to day, I got an email telling me that I am accepted into the Accelerated Nursing program.  I was in the quiet area of the library.  So I can't scream or anything even if I wanted to.
I thought I would be overjoy… but I was not.  The feeling was more of a relief and a very calm sort of peace.

God has truely lead me into this program.  Here are some of the things that happened that lead me into this program:

  1. I took a introduction to nursing class with one of my friend just out of curiosity and got real interested in nursing as a result.
  2. The same friend gotten real ill and I had a hard time concentrating in microbiology. As a matter of fact, I blew the midterm.  But God pulled me through with an A.
  3. I met a former coworker of mine many years ago in microbiology.  She was also going into nursing and she was the one who suggested I should look at the accelerated program.
  4. I looked at the accelerated program and got interested in it.  Had to do some last minute changes to my schedule as I now need to take a few extra classes like inorganic and organic chemistry (yuk).
  5. I was also doing bad with Nutrition as I still have some problem concentrating because my friend is still ill.  I actually got a C in the final and I got a very low A for the course!  Turned out it was the tons of extra credit that I did which barely pulled me through.
  6. To my surprise, got an A in both inorganic and organic chemistry.  Don't ask me anything in it… please.  Had really great teachers.
  7. With the exception of one class (statistics which I have a B), all my nursing prereq are As.  I never had straight As like this in my life as I have one great teacher after another in every single course I took.  Good teachers make such a great difference. Now I know why God gave me a 3.9+ prenursing GPA… because I need it to get into the accelerated program (at least 10 out of 30 people in this program have a 4.0 GPA). It was as if God was moving mountains of obstacles to get me into this program despite the fact I was having problems concentrating in micro and nutrition; and despite the fact that I really don't like chemistry at all.


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