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Good teachers and Barnabas April 4, 2006

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Nursing School, reflections.

I just looked up some of the comments of my profs in summer if I am accepted to the accelerated program.  It will be 5 classes in summer (I never taken 5 classes in summer, the most was 2 classes).  3 out of the 5 professors have comments about being funny.  That is a good sign… nurses need humor in the midst of all kinds of suffering.  Humor gives a bigger perspective.  Also a number of profs have lots of stories to tell.  That is another good sign as these stories make remembering important points easier.  It seemed all of them are graded by student very high except one.  The one who did not get a high grade basically because she is kind of intimidating but she is very very good and she knows her stuff.  The best tip with this prof is that you have to approach her and not be intimitated because she will help you and she is actually a nice person.

I also heard that this nursing school, many of the profs actually care for their students which is encouraging (some nursing schools unfortunately have profs who are so burn out that they don't really care about their students anymore). 

A thought is that it is good to have this accelerated program because it just opened up 30 extra spots in the regular program.  The competition to get into the accelerated program is extremely intense but I wonder what kind of people are we going to have in cohort 2 of the accelerated program?  One of my brother mentioned that just having a high grade in class does not mean one is going to be a good doctor.  Thinking about this comment, this is especially true for nursing as nursing requires a person to have bio-psycho-social-spiritual skills.  It requires a compassionate and caring heart.  It requires the ability to see past the illness and see the person.  It requires a person to be a Barnabas who saw past the failure of John Mark (think that was his name) and took him under his wing while Paul did not have that ability to do that (Paul has a type A+ personality). 



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