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Nursing school… waiting…waiting April 3, 2006

Posted by danucube in Nursing School, Providence.

Late last week, I got an notification saying this week they will decide who will be accepted in the nursing school that I am applying for. I was invited to an info meeting today.

This is what happened at the meeting.

All of us who were invited to the meeting (about 25 people) are accepted either into the regular nursling program or are accepted into the accelerated program. Guess we are the "top of the cream" according to the nursing coordinator.  If a person in our group do not get accepted into the accelerated program, that person will automatically get accepted into the regular nursing program(has over 160 applicants and they are accepting around 60 or so) since they will be the top of the applicants pool.

It looks like the cohort I am in for the accelerated program has lots of tough applicants. They only have 30 open spots and at least ten applicants to the accelerated program have a 4.0 GPA.  I know of at least on applicant indirectly that she not only has a 4.0 GPA, but she scored the maximum score in the nursing entrance exam.

From my observatiion, I think everyone in the room would make it into the accelerated program or make it as an alternate to the accelrated program.  This is based on the meeting invitational list which only contains 24 names and there are 20 spots opened and 5 alternate spots opened.  During the meeting, we had an updated number and it is now 15 people had already been accepted.  So there are 15 more seats left and 5 alternated seates left.   

This accelerated program is brand new and they weren't sure if the first cohort last year would make it given that it is quite intense.  The good news is that nobody dropped in the first cohort and the average GPA is actually around 3.6.  The first cohort is also writing some tips for the second cohort (us).  One of the tip they had is that they actually created a web site for this tight group of 30 students.  Everything is very organized in terms of helping each other to study.  It is going to be something like boot camp I guess…  the 30 of us will bond by the end of the 18 months for we would have helped each other to survive; and probably will laugh and cry together.

Now I know for sure why God pulled me through in micro and in nutrition and ended up barely with an A.  I would have gotten a B for sure given I was having great difficulty concentrating at that time due to some health problem with someone I know.  In both classes, it was all the little extra credits that the prof gave out and I did as many of them as possible and barely squeak by with an A.  And it looked like I needed these As to get into the accelerated program or the regular program given the intense competition.
I asked lots of people to pray for me.  I am feeling relatively calm.  If I get into the accelerated prgram, great!  If not, it is fine with me to go into the regular program as I would have enough time to do a minor.  I might go for a minor in gerontology or complementary health care.  We'll see. 



1. misty griffin - March 28, 2008

Hi My name is misty .I grew up amish and was never allowed to go to school.I am now doing my prrequsites.i am doing math right now and am getting Cs .is it possible to still get good gpa if i do beeter in the other fields or just because i am bad at math you think i will be bad at rest?
desprate in CA

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