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Sad January 27, 2006

Posted by danucube in chaplaincy, Providence.

Today I was in a chaplaincy “retreat” for about 1/2 day. We met at a beautiful place up in the mountains. We could see the fog gently rolled in. Lots of tress and the crystal clear water drops hanging of tree branches reflecting the sun was very beautiful.

However, I also found out one of the patient died. I only visited her twice a while back last year. She was on a floor where people are usually paralyze in one way or another. I’ve heard she left the hospital and was doing well… and then all of a sudden she died. I felt sad as I remembered praying for her and her faithful family many times. She was one of those patients you don’t forget easily. I only visited her briefly but to this day I still remember her joyful smile. The smile is a huge contrast to the physical conditio she was in. It was a very uplifting and infectious smile. A smile I’ve brought with me to other patients I visited later. A smile that was a blessing to me and to the patients I visited. I was privileged to meet her and her family for a brief moment, a brief moment in a very difficult situation. Guess I’ll get to know her and her family more in eternity and I will see Christ’s joy and smile in her face again.



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