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Turned in my official nursing school application January 17, 2006

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing, Providence.

Finally opened an official nursing folder with my local university.  I am officially applying to nursing school.  Am applying for the accelerated program (1 1/2 years of nursing school instead of 3 years).  The advisor said I have a good chance of getting in after she examined all my qualifications (but no gurantee of course as there are something like 20 seats or less left).

Part of the accelerated program involve a hospital who will sponsor me and pay for my fees (the whole accelerated nursing program costs something like around $24000) and I will work for the hospital for 2 years in return.  They of course could put me anywhere… I just they don’t put me in ER or ICU… or worst… maternaty!

If I am accepted, I probably will get interviews with hospitals around Feb… coming up fast.

It is interesting how I found out about this program by “accident”.  I was in the same class with a former engineer coworker of mine in microbiology.  We talked a little as we did not see each other for many years and found out we were both interested in nursing.  Then we “happened” to be in the same lab section also.  During one of the lab test, I finished early and walked outside to take a break.  Then this former coworker of mine also finished and she walked outside also ane we talked again about nursing.  She all of a sudden mentioned this accelerated program and said I should take a look at it.  Well I took a look at it and I got interested in it.



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