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Passed the Emergency Response Tests,TEAS, birthing humor September 22, 2005

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing.

Well well well… I passed the Red Cross Emergency Response tests. There were six of us and it took about 4 hours to go through all the skill tests. The skill tests were the tests I worried about. The testers were very good as they gave us good feedbacks also so that we can improve. Guess I got way into too much of the medical history. I even knew the sprian ankle of my “victium” two years ago. The testers told me gently I didn’t really need to know that kind of information.

This class is a bit wild as it has 5 certificates. If you fail one, you fail all. Now I know what the 5 certificates are. They are Emergency Response (3 years), CPR for Professional Rescuer (1 year), Adult AED (1 year), Oxygen Administration for the Professional Rescuer (1 year), Blood borne Pathogens Training (1 year).

Also found out I pass the TEAS test. Got a 86.5% (98 percenttile at the national level and 94 percentile at the BSN level). I was going to be happy to just get a 75%. So this is really iceing on the cake.

Oh yea, we also did birth delivery earlier this week (it is not on the skill tests tonight, good thing). During the birthing process simulation at one point, I was holding the fake baby with the fake umbilical cord and I was focusing on trying to tie the cord and this simulated “mother” asked me is it a boy or a girl… I was so focus on trying to tie the cord that I just went “Don’t know, what do you want it to be?” The instructor, the person who played the “mother”, and the rest of the class just lost it and start to roll on the floor. I can just see I will do great when I rotate into maternty nursing…



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