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Got an A in Xcult Anthro and classes coming up August 12, 2005

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing.

Well, I got my Cross Cultural Anthropology grade today.  Got an “A”!

I am also taking a few classes before the Fall quarter starts.  One of them is the Red Cross “Emergency Response w/ CPR” which lasts 6 weeks (4 hours per week and 1 full day on a Sat).  Another class on “Critical Incident Stress Management” through the Living with the Dying Centre (2 days).  Then through the same Centre, I am taking a few other classes from them throughout the quarter.  They are “Managing Loss and Changes (2 hours), Trauma Communications (8 hours), “Advance Critical Incident Stress Management” (2 days)

I do not have to take these courses for nursing.  But they will help a lot indirectly as nursing deals with the psycho-social part of life quite a bit also.  I am taking the Red Cross class to set up a possibility for me to take 2 quarters of EMT certification at foothill.  The certification can help me indirectly in nursing also.  There might be some area of nursing I might be interested in which actually require an EMT certification (we’ll see as it might have some overlaps with the police).



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