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1st Behavior Health Patient as a Chaplian Volunteer January 31, 2005

Posted by danucube in chaplaincy, Volunteer.

Today I was given a chance to be with a behavioral health patient who has bipolar. Caught her in a good mood and we talked quite a bit like an hour.

The patient's husband is very supportive. What helps her in some case is Budhism meditation techniques and some Yoga techniques. She does have a Christian background. What she indicated was that she is struggling with God. She also feel like she is losing her "self". She wants to get back in "touch" with God. I caught her in a good mood as I mentioned because she would smile and have a sense of humor. She also felt "isolated". Here is basically what happened:

* We explore Budhism a little bit but it turned out she wants to talk ahout more in terms of a personal God more in line in the Jewish/Chrisitan tradition

* We did pray. We listed out more than 5 items on my pad. We pray for those items. I let her keep the list.

* I asked her if she wants to hear Psalm 25 (the part abhout being alone or lonely). She gave me the ok. I read part of it but she didn't like it. So I stopped.

* I got her feedback, she did not like that part of the psalm but she like the prayers we did.

* She ask me to come back in two days. If they are changes, she'll contact hospital chaplian to let me know.

So over all it went well except I made one mistake in picking Psalm 25. In retrospect, she was happy and I picked a depressing Psalm. I was not thinking since she mentioned being "isolating" and I know Psalm 25 mentioned being lonely but I totally was not aware the tone of the Psalm mismatched her mood. So what I learn is to match the Psalm to the mood.

Hope she continues to recovery and I'll do better when I see her again (assuming she does not change her mind). I'll pray for her tonight and the next few days.



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