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Which area of nursing? December 19, 2004

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing, Providence.

Been thinking about which area of nursing seemed interesting to me. So far the following areas are of interests to me:

  • Psychiatric Nursing – Specializing with family members who have love ones who has a serioius mental illness. In terms of illnesses, specializing in schizophrenia, schizoaffective, bipoloar, and major depression. Can just stay at staff level or if I am into punishment, I can go for a graduate degree in Psychiatric NP. Be interesting if I can work with local police or fire at the same time somehow.
  • Palliative Nursing – Especially in the area of pain management. Probably something to do with hospice nursing or oncology nursing.
  • Geriatric Nursing – Probably in combination with either psychiatric nursing (there is a new field call geripsychiatric nursing comming up and I already talked to a nurse about it) or palliative nursing.
  • Medical Searcher – This will require me to get a BSN in nursing and then get a MS in Library Science. In the career test I took way back when, library science was rated above nursing.
  • Rehab Nursing – Do not know too much about it, but will keep an open mind about it.
  • Nursing Education – Teaching the next generation of nurses. This will not be a while as I need to get the experience first. Potential long term goal and it means I have to go back to grad school to a degree in Nursing Education. In one of my old career test, nursing was rated higher than computers. But teaching at the college level was actually rated higher than nursing.
  • Nursing Informatics – This field will make use of all my computer skills and nursing combine. But will have to go back to grad school.

The above items mentioned this old career test I took way back when I was in college. It is a very detail test and it is actually very accurate. My ratings are as follows (People in the specific field score around 50 and so anything from 45 and above means you potentially like that area)

  1. 57 – College Instructor/Librarian
  2. 56 – Medical Technician
  3. 53 – Biologist/Physical Scientiest/Social Scientist/Elem Teacher
  4. 52 – Register Nurse/Math-Sci Teacher
  5. 49 – Software Developer/Phys Therapist/
  6. 46 – Cartographer/Speech Pathologist
  7. 45 – Priest

Some of the above are only one point apart and the differences are not significant. So the following list is a modified ranking where it lumps together careers who are only 1 point apart:

  1. 56, 57 – College Instructor/Librarian/Medical Technician
  2. 52, 53 – Biologist/Physical Scientist, Social Scientist/Elem Teacher/RN/Math-Sci Teacher
  3. 49 – Software Developer/Phys Therapist
  4. 45, 46 – Cartographer/Speech Patholist/Priest

The last list follows is the same as above except I took out all the ones that I am not interested in:

  1. College Instructor (Nursing Education speicializing in Psych Nuring?)/Librarian (Medical Searcher specializing in nursing area?)
  2. RN
  3. Software Developer (Nursing Informatics?)
  4. Priest (not so much becoming one, but I am interested in the spiritual side and especially the integration of illness and theology. Nursing gives an opportunity in this area too since modern nursing are trained in this area (i.e. recognizing spiritual distress in patients) also which lots of people don’t realize)

Interesting… we will see. If I burn out after nursing school, I probably just work at staff level and we’ll see what happens.



1. danucube - December 31, 2005

I am now also looking at Oncology Nursing. This is an area I never thought off. I am looking into it also because it involves palliative care and gerontology.

2. danucube - December 30, 2004

Was on a mental illness related online community today and found out there is another nursing specialty call neuropsychiatric nurisng. I looked it up and its related speciality neuroscience nursing. They are both very interesting.

I thought I am suppose to narrow down my choices, not expand it by two!

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