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Psych Unit December 19, 2004

Posted by danucube in chaplaincy, Providence, Volunteer.

Well, we have a breakthrough of some sort. I may be the first chaplian volunteer to go into the psych unit on a consistent basis (there are others but they do communion only).

The first meeting we had, the nursing manager was out sick. Really sick. It looked like it was going to fall through. But we had a meeting with a social worker, her officemate, and the charge nurse on that particular shift. The social worker's eye sort of lit up when she found out I also teaches the 12 weeks NAMI Family to Family class (serious mental illness class for families who have love ones who suffers from a serious mental illness). The meeting seemed to go well. I was invited to a group meeting for families a few days later.

The family group meeting was very small. Only one mother came. But it went well. I was wearing two hats as I was representing the hospital chapliancy and NAMI at the same time. We actually did talk about spiritual aspects of the illness. Anyway, it seemed to work pretty good as the social worker represent the professional point of view and I represent the lay point of view which gave it a somewhat personal touch as I can identify with the family on a personal level given my experience and training. The social worker is very nice and very good and I hope I can work with her more, just to learn.

The social worker also invited me back a week later to work with her which is nice.

I also talked with the mother for over 1/2 an hour after the meeting and she seemed encouraged after our unofficial meeting after the official meeting.



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