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1st quarter of prenursing done! December 19, 2004

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing, Providence.
Did really good this quarter. Got all As! This is the first quarter I ever had all As in my life. This really gave me some needed confidence as I was having doubts about all the memorizations and historically, I did not do well in college sciences. God knows I needed a boost by bringing excellent teachers in my life. This quarter was truely fun and I enjoyed every minute of it.

In Anatomy & Physiology, I got 499 points out of a max of 500 points (I did all the extra credits and a great teacher which helped greatly).

In Oral Communication which is required by nursing, I also got a great teacher. All my presentations are very memorible to say the least. The group presentation I was in did it on bartending. Since I am going into nursing, I did it on the health and safety guidlines in bartending. I got some really gross pictures of people when these guidlines are not followed. I totally grossed the class out which I enjoyed. I don’t think they remember what I said, but they sure remember the pictures. My final individual presentation was on different nursing team configuration in a typical hospital setting. I managed to made it really funny by going to the extreme in stretching the configurations beyond its limits.

Next quarter will be my hardest prenursing quarter as I am taking the 2nd quarter of A&P and microbiology. Micro has twice the numbers of lab hours as A&P and I really know very little about micro (unlike A&P, lots of the stuff I am somewhat familiar with from past experiences). So I am trying to get a small head start in it by reading ahead.

I actually almost did not get into micro because the computer system blocked me from signing up the class because it thought I don’t have the prereq (chem). It turned out it did not look far enough back in time to see that I did have the prereq (need to look something like a few decades back). Anyway, a nice clerk at the admin found out what happened for me and sent me to the right person to fix it. The lady who fixed it for me was very nice and she did it immediately. By the time I registered for the class, it has only 10 seats left. That’s like something over 90% of the seats are gone and it has only been like 4 hours or so on the first day of registration.

If I did not get into micro, my nursing application would have been delayed 1/2 an year (1 quarter plus the summer quarter). That was close.



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