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2nd midterm, chapliancy, … etc November 14, 2004

Posted by danucube in chaplaincy, Nursing, Prenursing, Providence, Volunteer.

Well, I got my scores back from the second lecture and lab midterm in A&P. Did good. Got 100% on each one. Actually I missed a few on each of the midterms, but the extra credit I did made up the questions I missed.

I am looking now as to what to take for next quarter. Looks like I'll try to get into the second quarter of A&P and microbiology. Micro has a 6 hours lab instead on your standard 3 hours lab. The quater comming up is going to be the hardest prenursing quarter I will have.

It looks like God is slowing getting me into the rhythm of studying again as each quater, starting Spring quarter this year, is getting progressively harder.

As with the Chapliancy volutneering, I did two rounds all by myself so far. It looks like I don't do that many patients as compare to other volunteers. That is because in both cases, I ended up listening to one of the patient for 45 minutes to an hour. One was actually the patient's family member who just poured her heart out. Another one is the patient and I just sat with her and discuss all kinds of things from Budhism to Christianity to the relationship between arts and theology.

Well, have to prepare for the lab finals, lecture finals in A&P plus a group presentation and and final presentation in Communication.



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