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1st Lab Quizz October 5, 2004

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing.

Well oh well, I had my first A&P lab quizz today. Got into a huge traffic jam, had to run to class. Unfortunately my class is on top of a hill and I had to run uphill carrying my backpack. What a way to get in shape! I was 5 minutes late to class.

I think I did good and very thankful. We’ll see the result next week.

We started on the skeletal system today. Have to know about 90 bones in a few weeks (instead of some 200 bones). The teacher is good. We get to see a really cool animation of some of the internal bones in the face. Fool around with a skull and started to learn the bones also. There are so many interesting bones in the skull/face. Saw the little ear bones inside our ear, did not know it is that small… amazing!

Right now, will concentrate on the lecture test next week (3 chapters from basic anatomy and physiology concepts to chemistry to cellular strutures).

This thursday, I have a 5 minute presentation in my communication class. My topic is on my evaluatiion on a controversal schizophrenia treatment (I think this treatment is a scam, to be honest). Also will turn in my proposal of another 5 minute presentation, this one is on nursing violence. It looks like this class consists of small presentations and very short papers (usually 1 to 3 pages).

Tomorrow I’ll have lunch with another nurse. She is the Hospice volunteer coordinator and I got to know her after mom died. Also will go to a bipolar lecture at Stanford.



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