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Black and Blue September 26, 2004

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing, self-defense.

ust finished the CDT class. I am so glad it is only two 1/2 days. Our training T-shirt is blue… it really should be black and blue instead… more appropriate.

Toward the end, we were in two groups in a few cases as some techniuqes are only taught to law-enforcement (like extracting a person out of a car with no damage to the subject) and us non-law-enforcement group did something else.

Actually get certified. The certifaction is part of the liability thing that goes along with the program. If one is sued, the program will send expert witness for you. But you have to get recertified every year.

It turns out this is the “highest” level of certification (that is why it is offer to law enforcement and air marshalls) except for the instructor level which is six 1/’2 days (not full days as I though originally). We are all now qualify for training at the instructor certification level if we wish (no thank you, this is painful enough for two days, don’t need 6 days of pain).

We also will have practice session every month or so to keep our techniques sharp (how about every 2 or 3 months instead… still fresh from all the pain).

Overall, I think this is an excellent class (minus the pain). Very practical, down to earth. Fit nursing philosophy perfectly where we don’t want to do any harm (especially if we have to put the person back again). I like the techniques, they are actually design in such a way that the subject is protected from harm.

Also most people can learn it. We have male/female in the class. We have senior adults and young adults. We have adults who are in great shape and adults who are way out of shape.

I am going to rest up from all the pain… (no kidding when the instructor mentioned it is going to be one of the most painful class we probably will ever take).



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