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Oooh… I ‘m sore all over! September 25, 2004

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing, self-defense.

Well, I had to leave early from the NAMI Family to Family class to go to a different class. The resource person sat in for me and taught in my place. She is from a different state and I think she is very good.

During the break of the class, one of the student talked to me on theology and serious mental illness. During our introduction, I usually mention that one of my interests is the relationship between serious mental illness and theology. This student turned out to be a pastor. We had a good talk. I invited him to come to the support group I am in which is a mixed group (have both people with a serious MI and their love ones). The goal is for him to take a look how how support group works and hopefully he can start something similar (which we desparately needs in our area).

There is also a nurse in the class.

Anyway, this other class I was rushing to is a self-defense class that is two days long (4 hours each day). It is aimed at law enforcement mostly but it is open to the public. About 1/3 of the class are people from law enforcement. I am taking it because I am checking it out to see if some of the techniques can be apply to nursing . So far, I think most of the techniques can be apply in a nursing enviornment.

Most martial arts are not appropriate in a nursing envirnoment because the techniques are just too deadly (lots of them has a history of combat and that is why they are deadly) or too damaging (taking out someone knees or going for someone’s groin is just too damaging and you can really get sued also). Also in a real situation, lots of people will not be able to execute these damaging techniques just because we don’t have the heart for it. Plus lots of martial arts just take too long to learn to be effective.

The course is call CDT and all the techniques are non-deadly and also does not do any damage to the other person. But boy are these techniques painful!!!!! Oooooooouch! And most of us in the class only apply maybe 5% to 10% of the force, just can’t imagine what it is like if it is applied full force. We also learn “stunning techniques” which disrupts a person’s nervous system for a second or so which gives us the time to apply a take down technique or just run.

Guess I should not complain, the instructors who went through the insturctor training course have to go through 6 full days of these pain. They say this is one of the most painful classes they ever went through.

I can see why they teach this to law enforement people, it is very easy to learn because it is base on your natural reactions. It is non-damaging and surprising some of the techniques even work on people who are in full blown psychosis (due to PCP or due to some form of serious mental illness). For the law-enforcement people, they are taught extra stuff in the class in terms how to bring a person to a position where they can hand-cuff the subject. For the rest of us, we are taught what is call “stun-and-run” where we use a combination of stunning techniques and take down techniques, and then run.

Tomorrow, well, 4 more hours of pain.



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