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Not getting into Berzerkeley is good September 24, 2004

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing, Providence.

I’ve been reflecting…

I’ve notice the classes I am taking now, there is this huge wait list of people trying to get in. For example, my Anatomy & Physio class is 150 people and there is a wait list the length of my arm. There are 2 other Anatomy & Physio classes with each can hold a max of 90 people and they are all full and have the same wait list problem.

I have the highest priority in registering for classes because I have around a hundred units in the Jr college system I am in from decades ago when I was a student. I still remember the day I register my classes on line this quarter. It was 5 o’clock in the morning during the first day of registration. I notice the seats of all the A&P classes in the Jr college that has the nursing program all went away within 5 minutes! The other Jr college (the one I am taking the A&P) does not have a nursing program but it is in the same district as the other one with the nursing program, so the course transfer between the two are very easy, and its A&P seats vanished in about 3 hours.

That means all the people I see in class are like me, we all have lots of units. To get that many units, you need to be taking classes for close to two years.

I went to the local Jr colleges because I did not get into Berzerkeley in the major I was applying (3.98 GPA to get in) way back when. So I went to the local Jr colleges for close to 2 years and transfered to Berzerkeley instead. I was thinking what happened if I did get into Berzerkeley on the first try and not have to take the Jr college route? I would not be taking the A&P class for sure as this impacted problem is in all the colleges except places like in Gilroy.

So it looks like God was taking care of things way way way back when. At the moment when I did not get into Berkzerkeley, I have no idea it is part of God’s plan to get me into the classes I need for nursing. Amazing!



1. lester - January 24, 2007

cool blog man

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