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1st day of Fall 04 quarter September 21, 2004

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing.
Just finished today. L-O-N-G day.

Started my first pilate class at 7 this morning. Boy, I am out of shape! But hopefully it can strengthen my back as I am going to need it in nursing in the future. Pilate was in a small offsite campus.

Then I went home and changed. Went to the main campus. Got into a huge traffic jam because they are fixing the road. Then the parking lot is almost full and I had to park far away. Then I can’t find the room. Actually I went into the wrong room and almost took the wrong class! Finally got into the right room. This is the Anatomy & Physiology Lab which is 3 hours long once a week. Got through it and actually understtod everything. Good sign, unlike way back when I took Abstract Algebra and I have no idea what the prof was talking about the very first day.

The prof seemed very organized. I’ve heard from a few people who took her and they basically say she is very tough but she is very good. The prof even gave us study notes to help us prepare for the tests. She seemed to be able to explain things well.

Then I went home and got something to eat and went to a different campus. Yes, I am attending 3 different campus this quarter.

The class is 1 1/2 hour long. It is a communication class. Well, the instructor looks, let’s say, unconventional. Her teaching method is a bit unconventional. But that is ok since I went to Berzerkeley and is quite use to these things. But she seemed to be a very good teacher.

There are some prenursing students like me in the class also. I think I’ll focus on nursing related communication in this class. Some possible area to do projects on in this class could be things like communication when someone is in physical, emotional, and/or spiritual pain. Or violence/anger de-esculation. We’ll see.

Then I went to a Biblical Hermeneutic class for last night and tonight. I am tired… Go to sleep early and hopefully is refreshed tomorrow for study and class.



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