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Chaplain 1st mentor training September 20, 2004

Posted by danucube in chaplaincy, Volunteer.

Well, today I went with a lady to visit the different patients at the hospital. We visited 2 floors. I even made used of my Chinese skill. Lots of listening, especially a few of the patient who are really lonely and very glad to be able to talk to someone. We did pray with about 1/2 the patients.

One of the floor we visited is a long term floor where lots of people stay there for months or years. These are really bad cases. One paitent, her daughter is taking care of her every day for 2 years. We talked for quite a while, it seemed she seldom have time to talk to other people because she is taking care of her mother. You see patients who are lonely and have no family members. You see patients with loyal family members who comes in day in and day out for years.

One lady in her 90s was my favorite for today. She is fiesty. Kept complaining about the food has no salt. Wanted a margarita (because it has salt) also. Got to listen to her story. Complains that everyone that goes in her room either poke her or give her pills. I asked her whether she was glad to see us since we did not poke her or give her pills. Got a smile out of her. She seemed to be doing well and hopefully will be out in a few days.

Got 3 more training session and I'll be on my own (not counting the behavior health training).



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