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Reflection on last week Hospice Nurse interview September 16, 2004

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing, Providence.

Just a quick reflection on what happened last week with an information meeting I had with a Kaiser Hospice nurse (recommended by my former manager at Kaiser).

The meeting lasted around 2 1/2 hours. A lot longer than we both planned. The nurse is very good, and she gave me some real good advice and some real good feedbacks. Also she set me up with some potential future contacts just in case I have more questions.

Some of the things which helped me are:

  • After nursing school, I should really try to get into med/surg nursing for 1/2 a year or more. This is fundamental as I will get good at assessing which is critical in both hospice care and psychiatric care (lots of people with serious MI also have other illnesses like diabetes for example).
  • My interest may not be in hospice care. It may be more general like palliative care.
  • My heart may be in psychiatric care given all the things I do on a volunteer basis. I do have a passion in this area.
  • I may not have to get into palliative or psychiatric care, but what I really want is a position where I can make use of my palliative and psychiatric skills. By the time I graduate, there may be some new position that requires these special set of skills since the nursing profession keep changing.
  • In palliative care, sometimes we deal with psychiatric issues.
  • In psychiatric care, sometimes we deal with palliative care issues.
  • Got recommended a book which I am really interested in. It is call Culture and Nursing.


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