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How I feel about the nursing classes September 15, 2004

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing.

I have mixed feeling about all the classes I am going to take. Despite the feelings, I do think I am “called” to the nursing area.

Some of the things I don’t feel good about or don’t have too much confidence in are

  • Lots of memorization – I am just not good at it. Trying to learn how to memorize things now.
  • Perinatal and Pedi – I am not really interested in this area since I don’t have any life experience in it. But it is part of clinical. Just grit my teeth and go through it, I guess.
  • Learning to set up IV – Well, again, just grit my teeth and learn it.
  • Puting Cath in people – Grit my teeth also. I’ve read in nursing online community that doing a female cath is a lot harder then doing a male cath because there are so much variation in the anatomy (not textbook like). It is not uncommon, even for someone who is experience, to put the cath in the wrong “hole” and then have to take it out and try to get it in the right place.
  • Memoriztion again – I’ve already looked at lots of nursing textbook, just how in the world am I going to memorize all the information?
  • My back – Do worry a little about my back since I pulled it once already. Taking Pilates to try to help it, hopefully.
  • Making beds – Well, I can’t even make my own bed…

However, there are some things I feel good and feel confidence in with regard to nursing:

  • I have already lots of training and practical experience in cross-culture stuff, dealing with people, all kinds of people, teaching, ethics, spirituality … etc. Guess the non-biological stuff in nursing, I have lots of life experience in it and I can see that I can use them to help me do a good job in nursing.
  • I am comfortable with the psychiatric nursing rotation (lots of people don’t like it and is afraid of it) and actually look forward to it since I have life experience in this area encouraging and interacting people with serious mental illness and their familes.
  • I am comfortable dealing with death since I’ve seen death already while lots of the younger nursing students never seen death before.
  • I am comfortable dealing with emotional and spiritual suffering since I deal with that a lot in my volunteer work and in my involvement in the serious mental illness area.
  • I have lots of work experience in another field. Lots of the people skills can be transfer over to nursing.
  • Despite the memorization, I find all the nursing prereqs and nursing classes I will be taking very very interesting and looks forward to them.
  • I am fortunate to be able to go to school full time with no other relational commitments.
  • Nursing seemed to make use of all my skills that I already have or will have.
  • Have good support from family and friends.
  • I am already a nurse aid and so I have a small head start.
  • I have good contacts with a few nurses who are willing to advice me.

Well, I think the good outweigh the bad. Just focus and grit my teeth and go through the bad. As for the good, enjoy them.



1. E.M. - August 25, 2006

These msgs are interesting to read. I am entering the nursing field and so far it is what I expect. I suppose I have high expectations, however, because as I read these passages, I am dumbfounded as the poor grammar.

2. E.M. - August 25, 2006

Even I can make mistakes :). I am dumbfounded as to the poor grammar (in referrence to the last comment.)

Let’s face it, nursing is not easy. It involves many aspects of care and treatment along with procedures. Perhaps many join the nursing industry for monetary reasons over aspects of actually enjoying this type of work. One reason nursing pays well, is because it involves a lot of hard and detailed work.

3. Justin Cupp - August 27, 2009

I am very surprised and how interested I have become in the course material. I was never a big fan of school, but this is fun. Learning… fun… in the same sentence. Who would have thought such a thing, lol.

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