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How I accidently got into nursing September 15, 2004

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing, Providence.

Here is how I sort of accidentally got interested in the nursing field. The following points all sort of work with each other in bringing me into the nursing field. I never thought about nursing until these things happened to bring me into it.

  • First I got a part time Health Library job at Kaiser (I was coming out of a 2 year sabbatical because I burned out in my previous career and I decided not to go back into it). The job required me to take a medical terminology test which I failed. But I got the job since they dropped the requirement. Failing the medical terminology test got me thinking. So I looked around and found a terminology class at a local junior college. Tried to take it but could not get in. Ended up taking a few other classes instead.

  • I was carpooling with a friend on the first day of class. She all of a sudden wonder about nursing. I looked up the class catalog and notice this Introduction to Nursing class. I asked her if she wanted to crash the class. She agreed and we crashed the class. The class had over a hundred people and we ran out of seats. I had no intention of taking the class because I was not interested in nursing and even if I was, I wouldn’t take it because it looked like people are desperately trying to get into the class. Then to my surprise, the instructor announced that she would accept EVERYONE. I figured, since I was working at Kaiser part time, what the hey, might as well take it and learn something about nursing… maybe it will help me interact with nurses at Kaiser in the Health Library.

  • I knew I was getting into trouble when Nursing Informatics caught my eyes as I was doing the reading assignments. What is worst, I was beginning to find the nursing field getting interesting. I was getting interested in its diversity, in its flexibility, in its focus on caring and compassion, in its looking at a person as a person and not an illness, in its even dealing with the spiritual dimension of a person.

  • Found other nursing fields that I am really interested in like psychiatry, palliative care, education, to name a few. Modern nursing is so fascinating.

  • Then I accidentally again found one of those detail career test I took when I was in college. It ranked computers as very high (which was what I was doing as a career) which is not surprising. What caught my eye was Nursing was ranked high also! Not only that, nursing was ranked even higher than computers !!!! I can’t believe my eyes and was wondering why I never even notice it back in my college days.

  • Looking back, I realized there were many nurses who helped me when our mother was very illed. I sort of never occur to me because these nurses were not in a hospital setting.

  • When my mother died, it was a nurse sympathy card that touched my heart the most. I still have it and it said “Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you I know the tremendous change the loss of your mother will bring to your life. Be aware that the years and love you have showered on your mother have made you the gentle and thoughtful and self sacrificing person you are today. Your love for your mother has always shone brightly. Take some time for you now, some time for reflection and time for glancing at the future. May peace always be with you.” It was one of the most comforting card I received. When I was deciding whether to go into nursing or not, one of the things I did was look at this card. In my heart, I know I want to be like this nurse, who has the insight into people’s heart, who has empathy with people’s pain, who can communicate comfort in times of grieve, who can offer gentle advice, advices that are realistic and fill with hope.

  • As I was cleaning my place, another thing I found was one of the liturgy my brother and I did on Easter after our mother died. In the liturgy, there are personal prayers. Mine was “As I journey on this road of life toward the moment where this earthly tent will be exchanged for a building from God, I will learn to rest in the Lord and listen to His gentle whispers. May Christ’s healing flows through me so that the grieved will be comforted and the depressed will be encouraged as I walk toward the day when everyone will meet face to face in the marriage super of the Lamb.” I have forgotten about this prayer totally. Don’t know… maybe God is answering this prayer especially if I ended up doing something in the area of psychiatric nursing. Be careful what you pray for

  • During the Introduction to Nursing class, I still remember telling myself to better drop the class before I get too interested in nursing and get myself in trouble by going into it. Well, I did not listen to myself and now I am in trouble. During these times, I know my heart is in it but my heels are digging in. I mean, I told everyone I never will go back to school again. I sure also don’t look forward to all the memorization. Giving injection, well I don’t really like to do it (one of my friend whose mom is a nurse told me it is no big deal). But it seemed all my objections are being answer in the class or by someone else. I have no excuse!

  • I don’t think there is a moment where I decided to go into nursing. It sort of grew on me, called me, and gently tugged me into it. Finally my heels agree with my heart.

  • There are also other factors but the above ones are some of the major things that happened to called me into nursing.


1. E.M. - August 28, 2006

I am happy nursing called you, and we need more nurses like you, (if all you say is true). Keep encouraging and doing the right thing when it comes to people. I remember nurses that touched my life and the opposite, and I too, knew I wanted to be the “good/nice” nurse.

2. Kyle - October 6, 2008

What an amazing story. I’m glad you stuck with it and pursed nursing against your objections. Plus your site I’m sure has encouraged many students to continue with their goals and make the step to becoming a nurse. Congratulations.

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