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Big change to nursing? Not Really September 15, 2004

Posted by danucube in Nursing, Prenursing, Providence.

On the surface, it seemed this is a huge change from computers to nursing. But if one look deeper, it is really not that huge of a change. The reason is that I’ve been doing lots of “nursing” related activities all along.

For example, I was the unofficial “psychologist” sometimes in my department where people just dropped in and vented before they went and got mad at their managers. Also I did lots of mentoring and teaching at work which are transferable skills as nursing requires these skills.

After some thinking, I have actually interacted with four different people who were going through some form of psychosis (I did not know the official label at the time) and it seemed that God has given me an intuitive sense in how to interact with people who are suffering psychosis.

Spiritually, I am interested in the integration of faith and our lives. Especially in the integration of faith and seriouis mental illness, and integration of faith and end-of-life issues. These are all part of nursing.

Socially, I have training in social linguistics. So any cultural stuff is very interesting to me. In nursing, you do need to deal a lot in the cultural stuff.

If you look at the books I read even before nursing, most of them can probably be very helpful in the nursing field. These are books relating to serious mental illness, relating to grief, relating to death and dying, relating to social linguistics, relating to theology… There are probably more. These are a few things I could think of on top of my head.



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